size: 50 X 40 X 19mmweight: 36g origin: Studenec, Jilemnice, North Bohemia, Czech Republic Harmotome is one of the rarer zeolites, but is popular among zeolite and twin collectors. Its twins are considered classics among collectors who like twinned minerals. If perfectly formed, a twinned crystal of harmotome can appear to be composed of three prismatic crystals grown through the each others center at nearly 90 degree angles. Each termination can look like the end of a blunted phillips head screw driver. The result is a fairly complex looking crystal that is glassy, angular and very attractive.Harmotome is occasionally found with other zeolites like heulandite and stilbite in the typical zeolite occurrence inside of vesicles or bubbles of volcanic rocks. However it is one of the only zeolites to be found in ore deposits.Phillipsite is another zeolite that is difficult to distinguish from harmotome. It to commonly forms twins and in fact can form nearly the same twin as harmotome, although less likely to do so. The slightly less dense phillipsite is more likely to be found as aggregates and not as individual twinned crystals and is never found in ore deposits.Zeolites have an openness about their structure that allows large ions and molecules to reside and actually move around inside the overall framework. The structure actually contains open channels that allow water and large ions to travel into and out of the crystal structure. The size of these channels controls the size of the molecules or ions and therefore a zeolite like harmotome can act as a chemical sieve, allowing some ions to pass through while blocking others.


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